A simple,
but profound idea

Through technology, small changes can create big improvements

IVAT's proprietary technology is designed to make small changes that improve the vascular access experience.

The invention of the first hypodermic needle dates back to 1844, from which intravenous needles were created. For decades, IV catheter needles have not changed. Today, IVAT® believes that our proprietary technology in redesigning IV introducer needles and in blood control components with passive safety technology help to improve the practice of Vascular Access. Our proprietary designs have created two technology platforms: VenaValve® Blood Control and VenaSave® Vein Preservation System.


Our BC-X® Multi-Access Blood Control Valve

IVAT’s BC-X Multiple Access Blood Control Valve is designed as a one-piece, luer-activated valve –– there’s no additional activator component.*


Our Unique, Three-Layer Vein Preservation System

The VenaSave Vein Preservation System uses a smaller and shorter introducer needle tip paired with standard catheter flow rates.

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* The BC-X Multiple Access Blood Control Valve is a component, not a complete device. The appropriate regulatory clearance is the responsibility of the final medical device manufacturer for commercial sale in the U.S. and globally.