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Innovative design technologies to improve vascular access

Our innovative vascular access technologies are designed to improve vascular access outcomes by improving vascular access devices.

IVAT technologies can provide cost effective, manufacturing friendly components that have real clinical and user benefits.

Partner opportunities include

License or purchase of Intellectual Property for specific markets or segments

Design and development of Vascular Access Devices or integration of IVAT technology into your device

Purchase of VenaValve or VenaSave technology based components


The VenaValve proprietary BC-X Multiple Access Blood Control Valve is based on IVAT patents including
US 10,052,474; US 11,324,939; US 10,850,069

The VenaSave proprietary Vein Preservation System is based on IVAT patents including
US 11,318,286; US 10,850,069

Other patents, applications, and registration apply. For more information, please contact us at info@ivatinc.com

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NOTE: It is the responsibility of the Original Equipment Manufacturer partnering with I-V Access Technology to secure the required regulatory clearances.

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