Venous access failure is a pervasive, yet overlooked, problem in healthcare today. By using a smaller I.V. access needle, the VenaGlide Safety I.V. Catheter is designed to deliver big benefits in patient care.

VenaGlide intends to improve the I.V. insertion experience for both clinicians and patients by using a significantly smaller introducer needle than current devices to deliver standard flow rates. This simple, but profound, innovation has the potential to reduce care delays, vein trauma, clinician anxiety, patient pain, and healthcare costs.

“One of the problems I encounter is trying to start an I.V. on someone with difficult veins. If there was a way to start an I.V. with a small gauge needle but actually deliver a larger gauge catheter, that would be life-saving.”
Bernard Reiping,
Surgical Care Coordinator,
ENT and Plastics,
Veterans Hospital, Fresno, CA


Insertion of a substantially smaller introducer needle with a larger catheter allows for:

Access to smaller veins, which provides more options for clinician